Business Opportunity

The Vault provides both entrepreneurs and people who want to make extra money the best business opportunity they will ever come across.

The Vault provides eLearning which is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. At the moment the eLearning industry is worth over $300 billion per annum but as one of the fastest growing industries it is estimated that it will be worth $450 billion by 2026.

Instead of using traditional marketing (TV, Press, Radio, etc.), Noble Goldman decided to reward the community members and decided to use affiliate marketing as a distribution model.

The way it works is very simple

The monthly cost of being a Vault member is $100.

When you introduce somebody to The Vault (a friend or colleague) and they decide to become a member, you are rewarded with $50 commission every month as long as they are a member. This is a Level 1 commission.

What this means is that after you introduce 2 members to The Vault you never have to pay for The Vault again (Membership is $100 and commission is $100 so you use your commission to pay your membership).

When you introduce a third person into The Vault you now start getting paid commissions on a monthly basis.

When somebody that you have introduced to The Vault introduces a new member they become a Level 2 to you (A Friend of a Friend) and you get $15 per month commission.

The good news is that the rewards do not stop there. When somebody who is a Level 2 to you introduces somebody to the Vault and they become a member they become a Level 3 to you (Friend of a Friend of a Friend) and you get rewarded with $10 commission every month.

This is how easy it is to build a Passive Income of $12,000 per month

Let’s say you want to build a monthly passive income of $12,000. It is very easy to do. An example would be as follows.

You introduce 10 new members to The Vault. This then gives you 10 people at $50 per month which pays you $500.

The 10 people beneath you then in turn introduce 10 people each to the vault. This in turn gives you 100 people at Level 2 which all pay you $15 per month which pays you $1,500 per month.

The 100 people who Level 2 in turn then introduce 10 members each to the Vault.

This gives you 1,000 people at Level 3 who all pay you $10 per month. That works out at $10,000 per month.

How would it feel if every day, 30 or 40 people walked up to you and gave you $10? It would feel pretty good, right?

So in summary:

  • 10 people at Level 1 = $500
  • 100 people at Level 2 = $1,500
  • 1,000 people at Level 3 = $10,000

Giving you a total of €12,000 every month in passive income.

The Vault provides all its members with the opportunity to have financial freedom.

The best part is that there are incredibly high profile household names who will mentor you on your journey to using The Vault to transform your life. You will be a member of a very unique, supportive community where the ethos is to help and support each other which in turn will have a wonderful beneficial impact on you, your family and your community.

With the Vault, you literally have UNLIMITED EARNING POTENTIAL