Joy, momentum, energy and peace of mind come from a single, powerful BREAKTHROUGH – shifting from a debilitating focus on comparison, need for approval and the draining desire to control others to the incredibly freeing and productive mindset to control.

Brian Biro, Facilitator


Never before have we been hungrier for connection, for inspiration, and for energy!  Burn-out is reaching epidemic proportions. We are starving for passion, for knowing that who we are and what we do actually MATTERS!

When you really think about it, aren’t desperately thirsting for BREAKTHROUGHS in our relationships and our families.  Breakthroughs in our health.  Breakthroughs in our careers.  Breakthroughs in our spirits!

I’ve spent more than 45 years digging deep to find the secrets and keys to unlock our potential.  After all that study, after writing 15 books on leadership and teambuilding, after delivering more than 1,800 presentations around the world on breaking through, it’s crystal clear that there’s only ONE WAY we can breakthrough!  We must shift our complete focus to what we DO CONTROL and let go of what we don’t!

We must see ourselves as breakthrough leaders!

You are NOT an over-achiever!  There is more in you than you’ve ever dreamed of!

And, when you change the way you see yourself, the self you see will CHANGE!

Are you ready? 

The time is NOW to see yourself as a BREAKTHROUGH LEADER… as the CEO of your own life! 

This one-of-a-kind Master Class will ignite the remarkable energy and true leadership potential in you as never before! Through unforgettable, inspiring true stories; through fresh vision keys; and through fun and meaningful interaction, we’ll provide you with a GPS to lasting breakthroughs.

Breakthrough Leadership is all about controlling the three foundational controllables that will change and elevate your life.  You’ll emerge from this Master Class knowing clearly how to shape the future, energize your team, and build people, teams, and relationships.  With that new focus, you’ll generate BREAKTHROUGH results! And, by the time you complete this Master Class, you’ll become a model of personal excellence, integrity, accountability, and humility.

You’ll breakthrough the invisible line from fear to freedom… From failure to faith… And, from ego to ‘We go!’  And when you cross that line, you’ll never go back!

Look at these reactions to BREAKTHROUGH…

“This presentation in particular impressed me in how you touched our Partners and Managers, a crowd generally indifferent to most motivational speakers.  One Partner commented to me, ‘he has no idea how he affects peoples’ lives.’  I was in tears watching you autograph books and listening to some of their personal feelings unveiled.”  N.M.O.  PriceWaterhouseCoopers

“I’m not sure words can express how incredibly blown away we all were by your visit last week!  Of all the speakers I’ve booked (and there have been many!), and all of the experiences I personally have encountered (and they have been varied), the few hours with you topped them all!”  C.K. Director Sprint

 “Your seminar with our Regional Operating Center was beyond anyone’s expectations.  These people have seen many speakers over the years…some very good speakers…but no one taught them, inspired them, moved them the way you did.”  A.J.E. Senior VP Aimco

 “Bringing you to Columbia has been one of the smartest things I’ve ever done in my professional career — it is so gratifying to see the positive energy and winning attitude in our people!  S.S. V.P. Colonial/Unum

“We accomplished more in that regard in a day than we probably would have accomplished in a year otherwise.”  C.C. Starbucks

“Masterful and Magnificent! When you started this morning, they were 100 successful individuals…by the end of the day they were a dynamic leadership team!”  Exec VP Million Dollar Roundtable

“The feedback we received from nearly a thousand people who attended confirmed what we expected…THE MOST POWERFUL RE/MAX SEMINAR EVER HELD! Your performance made our staff look like heroes!” D.B. RE/MAX

Brian, I cannot begin to tell you how amazing and inspirational your session was.  Everyone from Ron Sargent, our CEO, to the German GMs on my Breakthrough team, who spoke very little English, was completely blown away by you.  Brian — You were great! 

Brian, thanks so much for making the meeting a big success for the thousands of people in the audience – and also for the guy writing you right now.  I want to share something with you – I left for the plane thinking only about the things you talked about, the stories you shared, the honesty with which you spoke about your 14-year-old beautiful daughter –.    I have a son who is almost 16 and a daughter who turned 13 the day you spoke to us.  My wife Debbie and I couldn’t be more proud parents, but I know I can be an even better father and husband – and maybe even a little better coach with my group as a result of listening to you and knowing you.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you.  D.P. – President US Retail Stores Staples




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