In this course, you will learn to identify what went wrong in your relationships and what caused the fall. You’ll also learn how to identify your player’s character, who to trust, how to gain trust, and when it’s time to walk away.

Merrilee Sweeney, Facilitator

The Beginners Guide will give you the clarity you never thought possible. Once you learn what to look for, you will never be able to unsee what you’ve learned to see. With your commitment and application, this course will provide self-confidence with all of your decisions, discernment in your relationships, increase your faith in God, and inspire you to start living again.

Dedicated to simplifying the complexity of love, Merrilee offers an unprecedented education in human behavior. Her course provides the map to self-actualization through self-mastery. Her mentorship assists participants to see the unseen nuance of human behaviors that are contrary to love which is required to polish their game. What is THE GAME? The Game is a philosophical, psychological, and spiritual test to the highest degree of self-discipline. Mastery of THE GAME will result in an uncanny precision in discernment, unshakable personal standards, and an infallible discernment of character when knowing exactly how to incorporate the pieces, the rules, moves, and strategy to win every relationship.



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