Dr Kymn Harvin

Dr. Kymn Harvin has touched the lives of over 300,000 people with her work of nurturing the human spirit…in government, corporate America, consulting and higher education.

Currently an Associate Professor in the School of Business at The State University of New York Empire State College, Dr. Kymn shares her expertise in transformational and circular leadership, ethics and spirituality in the workplace. She has written extensively about leadership from the heart, forgiveness, mindfulness, and career transitions as opportunities for individual and organizational transformation.

Dr. Kymn is the author of the international best-seller The Soul of America Speaks: Wisdom for Healing and Moving Forward as well as Excellence in Performance and Small Miracles.

Highly sought after as a coach to global leaders, entrepreneurs and those committed to their life making an extraordinary difference, Dr. Kymn leads several Masterminds and Masterclasses in The Vault including

For more information about Dr. Kymn Harvin please visit her website www.ProfessorofLove.com