Dr Sarah Farrant

Dr Sarah Farrant’s unique understanding of health is changing lives globally

She is the co-founder of Vital Wellbeing, a company providing vital tools for generational change in health…globally. Since the 1990’s Dr Sarah and her husband Dr Randall have been global mentors to thousands of individuals, families, health professionals, celebrities and sporting personalities. They have facilitated and inspired people to live a vitalistic life.

In early 2000 Dr Sarah coined the term Health Expression which today is used around the world by health professionals, health enthusiasts, individuals and families. In 2010 she organized the worlds health information into bite sized pieces so people could understand it – identifying three distinct health approaches.

Thought Leadership

With an extensive education in teaching, psychology and general science, in addition to her Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College Davenport, Iowa, Dr Sarah has emerged as one of the foremost thought leaders on vitalistic health. She has authored books, e-books, reports, articles and been interviewed on radio, television, in podcasts and by numerous print media.


Awards and Achievements

Dr Sarah has over 35 years in the health industry and her achievements over this time include:

  • “Non-fiction Writer of the Year” with her signature book, “The Vital Truth®” which set the stage for the Vitalistic movement.
  • International & Bestselling Author of “The Vital Truth®” and “The Health Illusion”
  • Amazon #1 in a compilation book “Thank God I®” stories of inspiration for every situation.
  • Global Impact Award Finalist 2016 for Women in Leadership

Dr Sarah – mother and wife

Dr Sarah is a mother of three children, all home birthed, non-medicated (over the counter, prescribed or scheduled) and all home educated. She is married to Dr Randall Farrant, also a chiropractor. They currently live between Waiheke Island in the Hauraki Gulf and the Waikato, NZ.

A Unique Perspective

In a world where mediocrity, collective ignorance, apathy, medical propaganda and misinformation is the norm, there is a need for the likes of Dr Sarah… we would do well to listen to her unique and compelling views on how we can influence generational change in health globally.

Facts Not Fads

Dr Sarah’s style is direct yet compassionate; her material is well-researched and rigorously fact-based; her message is surprisingly simple. Her aim is to enable people to make informed decisions about their health, and the health of those they love.

Dr Sarah along with her co-host Dr Geoff Alley facilitate The Chiropractic Vault every week in The Vault.

For more information about Dr Sarah Farrant please visit her website www.vital-wellbeing.com