Ghazala Jabeen

My story developed quickly when I moved from Pakistan to England as a small child. Like all young children I quickly adapted to new surroundings, having to learn English and all the different ways of living. From an early age I was shown the value of hard work and never giving up or taking no for an answer. I am constantly working on personal growth in order to help others that want to do the same and want to show them how to overcome life’s challenges in a very positive and constructive way.

‘From Suppression to Expression’

I would like to work with like-minded people in particular women who have or are facing difficulties in all aspects of their life but wanting to make a difference, to come forward and collaborate with me so we can create incredible changes and make them count!

2017 has been a busy year laying foundations in the development of our projects with wellness, technology and online global business opportunity.  This has lead to helping many people around the world with training and support in setting their home based business. Through the success of this work and the years of experience in this Industry, I proud and honoured to have been nominated as an Ambassador in the Hall of Fame 2018 with Business for Home.  I will be speaking about my journey to success and how to avoid the pitfalls across the different milestones. This will take place in Amsterdam this May (2018).

This is a year for big changes and I am more than ready to work with like minded people who are serious about that all important change in their life to lead a more healthier prosperous life.

Making a mark as we make a difference!

What is Ghazala like?

  • Driven, determined and focused 
    I’ve faced many challenges in my life and I’ve broken barriers to achieve my dreams. From fighting for my education from a very early age, learning English and overcoming personal and family difficulties. I’ve learnt the power of staying focused and creating opportunities when it seems there aren’t any. I’m driven, I achieve and I’ll use that energy to make sure we succeed in reaching your goals too.
  • Motivated and positive
    You cannot help people get fit through Bollywood dancing and be a negative person at the same time! I like to keep focused on the positive side of life and keep things fun and energised. Whether it’s coaching, working with you through home based income opportunity or helping you raise awareness/funds for charity, you’ll feel the energy too and that will help motivate you to achieve.
  • Supportive
    I see the abilities and potential in others and make sure they see it too. While honesty is vital, I always make sure it’s positive and realistic. I listen to what you want and make sure I understand where you need to go in life before creating a bespoke programme to help you achieve your goals. I place huge importance on us really get to know each other well, building and nurturing our relationship and always being respectful of and sensitive to your needs.
  • Authentic
    When you choose to work with me, you’re working with someone who knows that life can be very tough. I’ve had many wonderful things happen in my life but I’ve also faced very difficult times too. People sometimes feel uneasy talking about things going on in their life and worry how they’ll be perceived. I completely understand what it’s like to be trying to cope with various issues and feeling vulnerable because I’ve been there too.
  • Experienced
    I’ve been an Employer and an Employee, a Franchisor and Franchisee! From an office junior to a Company Director at the age of 21, I’ve held many different roles all with very different requirements. Add to that my extensive marketing and mentoring experience and you’ll find yourself working with someone who knows business and who will help you find ways to take yours to the next level.
  • Collaborative and altruistic
    I take a lot of joy and satisfaction from making connections and helping others through those connections. Sometimes that’s in a business context; sometimes it’s to help charities and individuals with their own fundraising and sometimes it’s to raise much needed funds for a charity that is very close to my heart – Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Every Monday Ghazala has a weekly mastermind in The Vault called

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