Jorge Loebl

Jorge Loebl is a self-made, self taught entrepreneur, doer and implementer. Jorge made his career in what he cornered as HUMAN ENGINEERING serving managers and leaders around the world anchoring, implementing and perpetuating the mindset, attitudes and behaviours that are the foundations for excellence.

Revolving Change is the never-ending process of self discovery, of evolution. It demands relentless curiosity and the willingness to question oneself aspiring to always find a better way to serve. If we serve we grow.

Born in Uruguay, raised German, after an eventful childhood and youth Jorge emigrated to Germany. Jorge’s introversion and shyness drove him to want to understand people in their culture, environment and in the language, leading to Jorge being able to speak 6 languages.

Sports always played a pivotal role in Jorge’s life as he found it to be character forming and a great way of developing perseverance, resourcefulness, determination. Jorge learnt very early on that winning is not always important but serving team members, sharing and always doing better than last time are the essence.

Jorge’s vast business experience across a broad range of sectors from music to hotels to service companies has empowered him to learn coaching and management skills, management systems design and implementation, Kaizen and TQM.

Jorge has founded several companies, mostly in the Corporate Management Coaching, Change Engineering and implementation. Among these was Business Coaching Europe in 1987. Through Business Coaching Europe Jorge has coached and served clients, large corporations and high-worth individuals in 23 countries in several languages. Continuous improvement is the hallmark of Jorge’s approach. He guarantees results because he knows his capabilities and those of his clients.

His latest company Revolving Change brings to bear the many decades of combined experience coaching, implementing change and serving at the highest level across western and eastern Europe, America and Southeast Asia.