Kevin Hare

My name is Kevin Hare, a rugby tragic! who loves the history of Rugby Union from all over the world, especially in my home country of New Zealand and founder of VAULT RUGBY.

I have been involved with Rugby Union online since 1996 and over the years have made relationships with many players, coaches, and fans from all over the world from places like Cyprus, Lithuania, Russia, France, Canada and the USA.

I have been privileged to literally now know people from all corners of the globe , Europe, The Americas , Asia, Africa, the Middle East and my own corner of the world Oceania/Pacific.

My interest in the New Zealand Heartland Rugby Unions began when I started documenting West Coast Rugby Union in 2005.

Shortly afterwards I began working for Buller Rugby Union then others followed, Whanganui, Wairarapa Bush, Mid Canterbury, North Otago, Poverty Bay and Thames Valley.

In 2013 we picked up helping the East Coast Rugby Union, a year after their wonderful triumph in the 2012 Meads Cup final when in a last ditch attack they defeated Whanganui by 29-27 to take their 3rd National title (Winners Division Three in 1999 & 2000).

In 2021 I published my first History book “Ngati Porou East Coast Rugby- Centenary 1919-2020” which gave me more insight into Rugby History over the pass 100 years and beyond.

We at “Vault Rugby” want to bring RUGBY UNION to the world.

The beauty behind us being involved with the Vault is that we can now have the discussions above LIVE and face to face via the ZOOM Platform and give our members, the unique chance of hearing and speaking with current Great Players and Great Players from the past. While also speaking and learning from people in their own field of expertise that can benefit everyone involved in our sport of Rugby Union.

Kevin facilitates Vault Rugby every week in The Vault.

For more information about Kevin please visit his website