Stacey Hall

Stacey Hall is known as “The Go For YES Gal” because of her ground-breaking social media marketing training program, called ‘Go For YES,’ which has helped thousands of entrepreneurs attract more sales, satisfaction and success.

She treasures this acknowledgment of her accomplishments:
“You are one of the most dynamic people I have encountered on the internet.”

Stacey won acclaim for her TEDx Talk… and also as the best-selling author of two global #1 best-selling books – “Attracting Perfect Customers” and “Chi-To-Be!”

And she recently produced the 1st book in “The Power of YES” series for the network marketing industry. This book series brings her much joy because it gives new Authors an opportunity to find their own voice.

The 1st book in “The Power of YES’ series has already gone to #1 on the Amazon best-seller charts in 4 Countries!

Stacey’s passion is to help women entrepreneurs, who feel frustrated they have not been able to make the difference for others they want to make. Her ‘Go For YES’ fun 4-step formula makes it possible for them to attract their ideal audience, solve the problems of their audience, and leave a positive legacy that lives on long after they are gone.