Stephanie Oden

Stephanie Y. Oden, The Leader Builder, is the president of LiveWire Consulting Group. She works with emerging leaders and helps them minimize learning the curves of transition, deepen core skills and create a culture of engagement. Her programs are the answer to the talent gap. Stephanie has worked with Fortune 500 companies and service organizations. Her 20+ years of experience include engineering, manufacturing, education, customer satisfaction and as a corporate senior executive.

She combines her technical experience, ability to connect with audiences and her results-orientated approach to make her methods successful within the diversity of any organization. She is the author of Ready, Set, Engage, Create Dynamic Teams and Unwavering Customer Alliances. Stephanie has a passion of their potential. She is a believer in the power of leveraged human capital and knows how critical an engaged culture is to the sustainability of any organization.

A thought leader in the areas of leading with synergistic intention and team connection, Stephanie is a seminar leader, keynote speaker and executive coach. She helps individuals and organizations get results by having focused, motivated and on purpose leaders.

Every week, Stephanie will be mentoring people on how to build successful teams and organisations in here weekly mastermind.