What is The Vault

What is The Vault

At the beginning of 2021, Noble Goldman created The Vault, which is an online platform that provides unlimited learning and unlimited earning potential for Vault Members.

The concept of The Vault is based on the teachings of Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich”.

In order to become a member of The Vault Community you have to be invited and sponsored by an existing member. This exclusive community work together to generate freedom and abundance for its members.

How does the Vault Work

The Vault as an ecosystem is evolving every day. At the moment there are four main elements to The Vault

  1. The next generation of Social Media.
  2. The next evolution in Personal Development
  3. A Marketing Platform
  4. A Business Opportunity

The next generation of Social Media

Social Media has been around for over two decades. We all have friends on Facebook, Connections on LinkedIn, Followers on Twitter, etc… but home many of your followers do you actually know. How many of these connections to you have a meaningful relationship with.

The Vault will enable members to build meaningful personal and business relationships with like minded people with similar interests and goals within The Vault community.

If you consider this from a business perspective, what would it be worth to have a really meaningful relationship with like minded entrepreneurs all over the world.

The next evolution in Personal Development

The personal development industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Monthly spend on online courses has increased by 1000% since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, all of the online training available on the internet is mostly pre-recorded videos. The Vault offers live interactive training every day. This allows members to interact with the people running the masterminds, to ask questions and build relationships with some of the most successful people in their respective fields of expertise.

Masterminds cover a broad range of topics such as business, finance, parenting, health and well-being.

Some of the most successful people in their respective fields are mentoring in the Vault.

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Members of the community are able to access all of the courses available in the Vault.

From December when the next version of the software goes live, recordings of all courses will be available for all members to view at their leisure.

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A Marketing Platform

The Vault allows any member of the community to set up their own mastermind.

This will allow any member of The Vault to share their skills and talents with a worldwide audience who are interested in your skills and talents.

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A Business Opportunity

The Vault presents a fantastic business opportunity for anyone looking to develop a passive income. It literally provides the potential for unlimited earning.

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